Learning Dutch creates new opportunities

Tailor-made classes for any professional or child

Learn Dutch offers Dutch lessons in Cape Town where we teach children, private and corporate clients about the Dutch language and culture. We offer tailor-made classes for any professional field or interest. Together with the student we immerse ourselves in the topic at hand. Courses take place at locations in Cape Town City Centre, Pinelands, Brackenfell, Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs or online via Skype.

Proven concepts that work

Our proven concepts combined with new methods like Muiswerk, Nieuwsbegrip, CLIL and ICT, ensure success.

Unlike most language laboratories, we gear our lessons to the specific needs of the students. We do not offer courses which only make use of standard text books or strictly defined instructional content.

Instead, we prefer the made-to-measure and informal approach because your individual reason for wanting to learn Dutch dictates the structure of our lessons.

Whether you have a job interview with a Dutch company, do business with Dutch people and would like to understand the culture and practise some small talk or just want your South African children to be able to communicate with their Dutch grandparents; Learn Dutch can accommodate your reason for wanting to learn Dutch.

Rule#1: Don’t learn things that are not important. Your first lesson in the classroom will start with a typical Dutch conversation: ‘Goedemorgen! Hoe gaat het? Wilt u een kopje koffie?’ (Good morning, how are you, would you like a cup of coffee?)Now it’s up to you to reply with: ‘Ja, graag!’ (Yes, please!).

Rule #2: Whilst never losing sight of the purpose of our lessons, the time you spend in the classroom should be enjoyable! Enjoyment comes from satisfaction and motivation and the fact that our students look forward to their next lesson proves we reach that goal. Please find more detailed information about all courses here.